I’m not trying to brag, but from the ages of 4 - 9 I had a unibrow. A good one. One that would make Cara Delevingne shake in her boots. I had more hair on my toes than most of my friends had on their arms.

Those that know me, and even some that don’t, know that I’ve done a lot of shady shit in my life. Enough to assume that I have a bag full of regrets, or at least a small coin purse full. It may be that I am part of the ‘live, love, laugh’ generation (spew), but today I find myself with only one true regret. One that I face everyday. Everyday at about 8:12am. When I’m doodling my eyebrows on like a kid with a crayola. Except I’m a grown woman with a crayola, and if I actually was still a kid my eyebrows would be on fleek as fuck.

I’m not the first to regret an early 2000’s plucking crusade, and I probably won’t be the last. Our scraggly brows belong to foolish young girls who were unaware of trend cycles, misinformed on the importance of facial symmetry and worshiping false idols. BTW is Nicole Richie still a badass and do you want to re-watch The Simple Life with me?