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It’s a model of art curation that seems implied, but can easily be overlooked in the un-poppable bubbles of Bushwick. Talking to co-curator, and Bushwick resident, Isabella Howard, she says, ‘while developing lateral audiences, it's important that the project can place new work in an  ongoing narrative. For us, this means gaining a deeper understanding of new work in terms of themes and ideas that other artists may have explored in the past.’

The project is made up of Isabella and Raíssa Paes, and works with a string of international art collectives, artists and writers. The core idea of common connections allows them to take a unique storytelling approach in their exhibitions and art publications. The project’s latest instalment, Interior, is a salon exhibition of Haley Kattner Allen’s photography, sculpture and video work. Allen uses the female body in its implicit absence and abstraction, which is a refreshing and thoughtful way to engage with the much-exposed female form. The work explores themes of female empowerment through use of the body as an object, as does the work of Brazilian historian Mary Del Priore.

The exhibition will run throughout August by appointment viewing -