ugly girls club birthday

Being a modern women and all that jazz, I would like to propose that we start giving birthday gifts to ourselves. No, I'm not talking about that girls weekend to Amsterdam, but you do you baby girl. I'm talking more like ideas on how we can love the world during our next year in it.

So I made myself a quick outline on how to close the gap between my actual self and my ideal self. Even though self-actualised 24 year olds are annoying as hell, I'm still game. Here goes...   

1. Continued sobriety AKA I went so far punk that I had to come back.

2. Raise my romantic expectations to exclude unrequited love and include only someone who is equal to or more special than me (if that exists).

3. Post less selfies OR become more okay with the amount of selfies that I post.

4. Post more letters to my grandma.

5. Stop eating (delicious) meat in order to save the planet.

6. Don’t buy stuff that was probably made by the hands of a young women for a slave wage. Including fast fashion and cheap & cheerful trinkets. RIP ebay and poundland, viva la intersectional feminism.