the ugly girls club 5 signs


Firstly, let’s go back and make sure we can agree on the definition of an ugly girl. The UGC is re-appropriating the word to bypass the politics of a woman's appearance. Ugly is value unrelated to beauty. Don’t ya love it?

1. You’ve had a haircut so bad that it has made you question your identity and possibly brought up a lot of other unrelated issues for you too.

Okay, I could (and should) write a book on this. If you are experiencing the symptoms of a bad haircut, please reach out to us directly at hello@theuglygirls.com. I’m not even joking, this is such a serious issue for me. I am a hairdresser's worst nightmare.

2. You’ve held back sharing your ideas, answers or intelligence because you didn’t want to draw attention to your appearance.

3. You’ve taken a different route home, hidden in the frozen aisle or participated in some other type of public hiding out of fear of being ‘seen’ by non existent paparazzi or the like.

4.  You feel uncomfortable with “compliments” on your appearance and often respond with self criticism.

5. You know your contribution and value isn’t tied to your appearance but have a love/hate relationship with posting selfies.