The work is physical and creative. The workshop is run with a playful enthusiasm that makes a room full of iPhone babies excited to saw, sand and sweat. It’s hot, and loud. It’s frustrating and fun. It’s hard work that no one seems prepared for, but we are all pleasantly surprised by.

Tools are referred to as ‘big guys’, ‘little guys’ and the power drill that runs out of battery is ‘naughty guy’. The terminology sets the tone as DIY is a somewhat foreign concept to most of the students. But Becky Bick and Eli Harston are absolute pros, and I can assure you that they know all the right words for the things. Their previous work in sculpture and installation has appeared most recently at TEDx Brighton and The Cells Show.

The smell of baking croissants wafts up into the Lick warehouse. Don’t Stop Believin’ is playing at full volume but is muffled by a drum of hammers. It’s almost 11pm and there is great sense of accomplishment when the last hammer hits. The pegs are in.

No thumbs or fingers were harmed in the making of these peg boards, but CULT D.I.Y is a great workshop for round pegs in square holes.

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